Dimension 69

His heart thrummed in his chest, ears ringing from the adrenaline that coursed through his body. This wasn’t the first time he fought monsters in other dimensions, and it certainly won’t be the last.

        Ford hid behind a rusted metal beam, sucking in deep breaths to steady his heart rate. He pulled his laser gun from his holster, cocking back the trigger. It hummed as it charged with energy.

        Shots from the enemy’s blaster zipped past his head, causing Ford to flinch back into the beam. He counted.


        He ducked out from his temporary shelter, aiming at the armed enemies. The gun rattled out rounds of electrified bullets, each of the assailants falling to the floor with a wordless thud.

        Ford’s eyes scanned the barrel filled warehouse for any lingering enemies. Not sensing any more movement, he holstered his blaster again and released a sigh of relief. He ran a six fingered hand through his salt and peppered hair. He was definitely getting too old for this.

        His mission was to get some form of radioactive chemical that can only be found in this dimension. Dimension 69.

        He internally cursed Sanchez for leading him here on this stupid quest. But, he was indebted to the drunk for saving his rear in dimension C137.

        With a loud groan, he treaded through the musty warehouse, each step of his boots echoing throughout the massive structure. Ford eyed each of the labeled boxes and barrels with scrutiny. A lot of this was illegal goods from other dimensions. Hell, one even had an infinity die in it.

        After some time, he finally located a box with a bright yellow hazard sign on it. Fingers gingerly cracking open the sealant, he peeked inside to see the contents…

… was jars of semen.

Radioactive. Semen.

Ford double checked the transmitter on his wrist, reconfirming that this was indeed the chemical he was looking for. His hand shot up to slap his forehead.

        He really hated Sanchez.

        Ford had successfully dropped off the shipment to the depot Sanchez suggested. He was really looking forward to not seeing that crazy man in the future.

        He massaged his fingers into the crook of his neck, releasing another heavy sigh. Every part of his body was sore. His feet carried him mindlessly, autopiloting through the foreign streets of this dystopian dimension. Neon lights flashed above, illuminating with crimson “XXX”s and crude visuals of naked women.

        It seems the trend of this dimension was sex. Figures.

        The tired man readjusted his glasses as he read every building he passed. After passing the sixth brothel, he found just a regular hotel. Which, in itself, was surprising that it wasn’t a love hotel.

        The building looked old, wood rot nestled on the paint chipped structure. When Ford pushed into the entrance, the scent of mildew rushed his senses. Dust and cobwebs hung from the ceiling rafters, the lobby looking like an old Halloween prop set.

        Honestly, he was thinking maybe a love hotel would be better maintained. However, he was already here. It was only for one night.

        A beautiful blonde woman sat at the reception. A long, dainty finger played with a lock of her voluminous hair as she concentrated on a magazine on the desk. She wore a revealing uniform, her endowed bosom just barely pushing out of the top of her shirt.

        Why, in his 40 years of life, was talking to women still so hard. Ford could feel the blood rise to his face as he approached her.

        Her brilliant blue eyes flashed up from the pages, taking in the approaching man hungrily. Her puckered, red lips pulled up into a predatory smile. “Oh, my. Look at what we got here,” she cooed out to him.

        Ford swallowed hard. He forced himself to speak despite his throat closing on him. “O-one room, please.”

        “One room? All for your lonesome little self?” she hummed seductively at the mature man.

        “Y-yes,” he could feel his ears starting to burn. “F-for myself.”

        “But a silver fox like you could use someone like me~.”

        “Th-that’s very sweet of you, but I will kindly pass.”

        She pouted at the response. Dejectedly, she pulled out room keys from beneath the desk. “Fiiiiine. Suit yourself. If you ever change your mind, though…” She bit her lower lip.

        Ford haphazardly reached into his trench coat, fingers trembling to pull out his wallet. He slapped a disconcerting amount of cash down on the table and swiped up the room keys. He didn’t even wait to hear where his room was located. He was already rushing up the stairs - and away from the thirsty woman.

        What was a beautiful broad doing in this run down place? He decided not to dwell too much on the thought.

        It didn’t take long for him to find the room. He flicked on the fluorescent light, causing a faint buzz to fill the room.

        His eyes adjusted to the sight of the rusted metal framed bed and the old dusty TV opposite of it. He prayed that tonight won’t give him tetanus.

        Locking the door behind him, he made his way to the bathroom. The tiles were sticky with strange, smelly residue. Though surprisingly, the rest of the room looked clean and modern. A waterfall shower nestled in the corner of the room, with an ornate vanity opposite of it. Ford heaved out a breath he was holding for a while. Thank God there was some sort of normalcy in this strange land.

        He began to shrug off his beaten trench coat, tugging off at any piece of clothing that constricted his sore body. His cracked glasses were already chucked onto the vanity. The thought of the steamy, warm shower easing his worn muscles caused excited goosebumps to run up and down his skin. Flicking on the hot water of the shower, he let the steam fog the room - and his senses.

        He pushed his aching, naked body into the warm, watery embrace. The cascade of scorching fluid massaged his beaten form. Ford ran his palms over his face, feeling all the sweat and grime melt off of his graying stubble.

        His weary eyes gazed down at his bare figure. It’s been at least ten years since he was pulled from his home dimension. For so long, he was a scrawny nerd who barely left his study. But, now look at him. His knuckles grazed the definition of his abs, finger tips poking at the muscle crease just above his hips. He looked good for his age.

        If only people back home could see him now. The mental image of socking Stan in the face bringing a small smile to his lips.

        Ford’s thoughts drifted back to university life. The droll, dusty library where he spent most of his time. The girl that he would study with.

        She wouldn’t even recognise him if she were to see him now.

        He never had the guts to ask her out. But her dorky laughter and cute chatter made all those hours of studying so much more bearable.

        Her bouncy brunette curls, thick framed glasses, cute little freckles. The way she smiled, mouth full of braces, was enough to warm his heart.

        If she could see him now, would she be impressed?


        Would she want him?

        Ford thought of another universe where she would. Where he was brave enough to ask her on a date. That way he could taste her minty lips, feel the warmth of her body pressed against his. Those bountiful locks in his six digits, her sweet voice begging him.

        His cock began hardening at all these unwholesome thoughts. But he didn’t want to stop it. It’s been much too long. The water of this place… it smelled sweet, and tastes like honey. Did they put aphrodisiacs in the water here? He decided not to think for once, and just feel.

        His hand grasped his length, pleasure clouding every sense he had left. Fingers playing with his water soaked head, he gave a solid pump against his palm. A breathy moan escaped from his slack jaw.

        He imagined the girl straddling him in the library, her blouse half done, dress hiked up her waist. Her wet pussy wrapping around his cock hungrily as he thrusted up into her tight core. He’d take her supple breast and lavish it in his mouth, worshiping her body as if it were a holy symbol.

In the shower, he braced a hand against the cold tile wall, hand pumping eagerly at his hardened dick. Each vivid image caused him to stroke harder and faster. Pleasure boiled in his veins, clouding his thoughts and vision. It wasn’t long before the end drew near.

His body trembled as hot jets of cum pulsed out of his dick, the sheer ecstasy of his climax burning his whole body. The white fluid splattered to the ground, only to be washed away by the warm stream of water.

If only it could be in her.

It wasn’t long after that he wrapped up his shower. He cuddled into the wrackety, old bed, blankets cradling his tender body. He wanted to run diagnostics on the water tomorrow. But… that is tomorrow’s issue. His heavy eyelids closed reluctantly, the thoughts of cute girls in university still fresh on his mind.

And how lonely this bed is right now.