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02/02/24: Updated blog and graphics with bishonen!

01/20/24: Updated my links page.:)

01/09/24: Oops! I made a shrine for Tohru Adachi.

01/08/24: I created a blog! Check it out!

01/03/24: Happy New Year! I redesigned the site. More accessibility and will still need some tinkering.

09/24/23: Combined Graphics and quizzes and added some alt text.

09/01/23: Made a Halloween website! Come stop by!

08/31/23: Added a credits page. (why did i forget to do this before? silly me)

08/27/23: wrote a Persona 4 fanfic! Can be found in the writing section.

08/25/23: made a grocery list web app and a basic site map.

08/02/23: made a base layout if anyone wants to play around with neocities coding.

07/31/23: updated links page

07/25/23: Made everything one js page, and added a fiction page, where you can read my writing

07/14/23: Added Webrings and fixed up shrine page

07/14/23: Added A Wally Shrine! There's even a fun hidden page!

07/07/23: fixed issue in index.

07/05/23: created a links page, fixed favicon issue for a few pages

07/02/23: updated index page. put breadcrumb for projects and writing. added ko-fi link.


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